what will you learn + engage with?

The Dream Team in a Box program is built on ten modules. In each of the modules, your team can engage with discussions, learning and activities that will help you answer the following question for your school community.


How can our team align our unique passions?


How can our team truly listen to our community?


How can our team focus on a few specific areas for change?


How can our team gain the confidence + authority we need to make the changes we want to see?


How can our team best engage our community in this change?


How can our team distribute leadership across our school?


How can our team foster a culture of innovation across the school?


How can our team action the solutions that solve the problems we have decided to focus on?


How can our team prove that our solutions are making a difference?


How can our team bake the changes into the school?

want a free sample of the program? 

The program is made up of a ten modules, and in each module is a range of activities, discussions and learning for your team to engage with in your own time. As a taster we have included Activity 2.2 here, which supports you to build a listening plan to help your leadership team truly listen to the various stakeholders in your school. 

video 2.2

your team's listening plan

In this sample video you will see Module 2.2 where we support you to build out a practical plan to listen to your staff, students, parents and community. Here we share a range of tools and processes you can use to gain insights. There are 38 of these videos in the program, which support the ten modules and the course guide, notebooks, activities and templates.


frequently asked questions

How many members of my school leadership team can be involved?

Dream Team in a Box is designed for five members of your leadership team. If you want to have more members of your team take part, you can purchase additional seats for your team on this site.

How do I purchase more seats for my team?

Only the team owner (original purchaser) can purchase additional seats for their team.

Once logged in, click on the “My Membership” tab on the account page.
Then click on “Teams.”

From this screen, click “Team Settings” and then “Add Seats.”

You will be prompted to select how many additional seats you would like to purchase. Seats are sold in blocks of 5.  Click “Submit” and you will be directed to the checkout page.

Once the purchase is complete, you will receive an additional box with materials for your new members!

How do I add members to my team?

Only the team owner (original purchaser) or a member the team owner has upgraded to a “manager” can add a member.

Once logged in, click on the “My Membership” tab on the account page. Then click on “Teams” and then “View.”

From this screen, click “Teams” and then “Add Member.”

You will be prompted to enter a new team member’s email address and select their role (member or manager).

The number of seats available on your team will appear at the top of this section. To add more seats to your team please see the frequently asked question “How do I purchase more seats for my team?”

How do I access my digital resources?

Once you have purchased Dream Team In A Box, you can access the digital resources by clicking the “My Account” menu button on the top of the website.

If you aren’t already logged in, you will be prompted to sign into your account. If you don’t have a password, or can’t remember your password, you can set it using the “Lost your password?” link on the login screen.

After logging in you will be directed to your account. The links to all the modules can be found under the “My Membership” tab.

How long does it take to do the program?

That is really up to you. Some teams will do it across a few months, others across a year. You have access to the platform for two years, so if you want, you can really  stretch it out!

How long should our training sessions be?

Again, this is up to you. In the course guide we do give you an estimate for how long we think each activity or discussion should take, and it will be up to you how many sections of each module you would like to move through in a meeting.

How far apart should our team meetings be for Dream Team in a Box?

You can stagger the meetings in the duration that works best for your team, but we also have a recommended timeline in the course-guide.

Who should be on our team?

The program is really designed for school leaders, so you should identify leaders who have key decision making power and influence in your school. Really practically we would advise you to consider including your Principal, Deputy Principals, Assistant Principals, perhaps Heads of Year or Faculties, and maybe even some up and coming leaders that you want to invest in.

Can we access coaching as part of the program?

Yes! The best way to do this is to fill in the form which is on the online platform for each module. Here you can talk through questions, challenges or opportunities you have, and we can respond by email, or arrange for a video-chat with your team and one of the program facilitators.

We want to read the book Dream Team as we work through the box. Where can we get a copy?

You can purchase copies of the book Dream Team through the ASCD website which can be found at http://www.ascd.org. 

How long does it take for our box to arrive?

You can order your box now, and for 2019, we expect that you will have your boxes shipped to you in early July.

I have a problem with my order. Who should I talk to?

If you have any issues with your order, please email aaron@educationchangemakers.com and we will do our best to assist you as quickly as we can.

I am having issues with the online platform, who should I talk to?

If you are having any technical issues with the platform, please email aaron@educationchangemakers.com and we will do our best to assist you.

We would like to have several schools in our region, is there a discount for bulk orders?

If you would like to talk about ordering several boxes for your school or region, please email dave@educationchangemakers.com and we will do our best to assist you.

We have run out of templates, can we get more?

Absolutely! Send an email to aaron@educationchangemakers.com and let him know which templates you need and we can email them through to you.

Is the course university accredited? Do we get a course completion certificate?

It is not accredited yet, but we are working on that. You do get a course completion certificate if you complete the feedback forms in each of the modules.